Bumble is a new dating application where girls are in charge of everything.  Bumble dating site main concept is On Bumble, girls hold all the power. A feminist approach to the dating game on mobile phones. Like most dating apps it’s based on creating matches between users, if users swipe right to each other. Matches are created correspond and potential couple can start chatting. But the application gives women the opportunity to make the first move. if she doesn’t make the first move within twenty-four hours, after which the “match” will disappear.

On Bumble, girls hold all the power.

Bumble definitely offers the power to women, who decide everything here. Of contacting the first message, the gentlemen will have to wait and wait for the fairer sex to choose whether or not she is interested.

Bumble dating app concept is new for and offers users more information about their potential match by using a Facebook-connected formula that retrieves the simplicity of use and Tinder connection. No wonder the woman flying (Whitney Wolfe) has served a time of start-up that goes up and follows suit with this little difference in approach. At a time when Tinder beginning to offer paid features, this is a new actor (or actress?) Market that tries to find its place. And it will start to make themselves known, and develop a critical minimum number of users.

Bumble dating app Making online dating a lot more female friendly:

But Bumble allows women to take the initiative, they are the ones who send the first message. And if they do not initiate conversation within 24 hours, the “match” disappears. This new application also wants to give a little less importance to appearance, highlighting information such as the education or profession practiced by the users.

Bumble makes it possible for women to take power in their relationships and especially to express their choice. It is to fight against harassment that former co-founder of Tinder, which has also filed a complaint against her boss for harassment that would Bumble emerged.

But how does it work in practice? Like Tinder, single surroundings are available and each is free to scroll to select the one that might be able to please him. So far nothing very different to the application except where any changes is after the “match” or the first “hello”.

Now, only women have the power to start the conversation. But be careful however not to over again because past 24 hours, “the connection between the two potential partners disappears. Same for the future. Contactless for 24 hours, the losing candidate clears screens »
Bumble also allows users to know the information about singles including their academic training and their jobs. These gentlemen, who have more than one photo to add, will have to unfold a little more. A game that can be fun for some but unsettling to others.

Over 30 million people use Bumble app.

Modeled on the same model as Tinder, ie that there is the same right or left sliding mechanism to accept or not a person, Bumble is a smartphone application for women. On Bumble, it is the women who make the first move if a “match” is made, that is, when a man and a woman are mutually accepted. Thus, once a “game” is, the woman 24 hours to get in touch with the man. If it does not, the “match” simply disappear.

This is a very good thing to protect women in particular on the canvas. Indeed, we are all very vulnerable because we never know who really is the last screen.

And that’s not all, because Bumble goes further by providing a side protection status “Vibee” to men who respect the label. Indeed, there is nothing more annoying than the guys that stick us!

The status “Vibee” is given based on the results of an algorithm that monitors user behavior. The aim is to encourage positive behavior and also good manners. No more spam, bad language or pornographic photos, clumsy are banned and stylish men will be rewarded with a status of “Vibee”.
The principle is the same as that Tinder suggest you log on to people within that you have predefined. Simply select the people you are interested to have a game. The main difference is that when there is a match, you have only 24 hours to contact if the person disappear from your games.

When done, the person with whom you chat can extend 24 hours if the conversation Clicks! So you have only 48 hours to get to know your game or you lose it. It put a little pressure when interest is really there … No two weeks of discussions and waste of time!

A small addition that I like, by default, it is possible to see where the person studied and where she works. It allows to see the “background” to see if you have interests in common.

On Bumble, conversations between matches can only be initiated by women:

Gallantry perhaps has not completely disappeared, but it can be quite difficult to procure on data management sites. Unless, of course, that the app is meeting Bumble – the self-proclaimed feminist implementation meeting – which launched its new feature specifically Vibee. It encourages good etiquette rewarding status Vibee and a front row seat male users who behave well.

On Bumble dating site, conversations between matches can only be initiated by women

Bumble uses the same mechanism left-click, right-click that Tinder but aims to give users a powerful female stimulant insisting they make their first attempt at communication. Once contact is established, if the woman does not take contact in the first 24 hours, the contact disappears. The new system Vibee employ a measurement algorithm that controls the behavior of user behavior in order to positively encourage social interaction and transparency online. Those who were tried in a dynamic and continuing strong commitment will be rewarded on the honor roll. The system does not currently monitoring related updates. So it is user privacy preserved.

How Bumble app Works:

Bumble has almost the same appearance as Tinder and is based on the same principle. As the most popular dating site point, you have two people each show an interest in order to start trading. But the app has some differences with her big sister. ”


It leaves such women lead the debate: once man and wife “match” is madame, and it alone, which has the possibility to initiate the discussion. If it does not do so within that time, the connection between the two registered is deleted.
Bumble also has to include elements other than a series of photos and a description of a user’s profile. Mention may enter information on their employment status or educational background. A way not based solely interactions on physical appearance.

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